Welcome to Phatkat Collections

For almost 12-years, Phatkat Collections has worked with thousands of brands around the world, helping them with their brand awareness, sales and reputation. Through his weekly YouTube posts, Devon  features a whole variety of products and topics in the area of men’s style, fashion, grooming, smart home tech, watches, cars and much more.

Phatkat Collections is the brain child of Devon Diamond. In 2008, Devon, who goes by the alias Phatkat or Kat, started a brand awareness and image consulting company, Phatkat Collections. Image Consulting, to help brands and individuals with simple common sense advice; aimed to men enhance their image, style, grooming, fashion, homes and companies, most importantly their companies’ brand reputation and awareness.

Phatkat Collections has expanded his reach with his viral videos showcasing a variety of products and discussions. Most of these products can be found at the Phatkat Collections Website or in the description of each of his videos on the Phatkat Collections youtube channel.

The site features over 1,000 original videos and articles. Bottom-line is that Phatkat Collections does not sell products, we sell confidence and trust. Step inside the world of Phatkat Collections to unlock your true self customizing potential.

For all media and collaboration requests please drop an email like its hot.

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